When we first met Darren and Ginny, they had already spent time with an architect so had a good idea of what they wanted from their build. A typical 1930s semi-detached, they wanted to open up the area to the back of the house to create a large, modern kitchen / diner. They also wanted to replace the existing garage to increase the available ground floor living space with two small rooms.

The house has a relatively small garden so there was a reluctance to extend out and reduce its size. Instead, we worked with the architect to provide a solution where part of the new garage could be used to allow for a larger kitchen whilst maintaining the two new rooms in the garage space.

We started the project by dismantling the existing brick garage. With the old garage removed we were able to start prepping the ground for the new build but it quickly became evident that the ground was insufficient to support the new garage. A surveyor confirmed our concerns so we quickly arranged for the reinforcement of the foundations to be made keeping the project on track.

Once the foundations were in place, the build moved at a quick pace and the customers began to see their plans take shape.

At the time of the build we were still feeling the effects of the COVID restrictions and that deliveries could be delayed as a consequence. We spoke to the customers every day to keep them abreast of the situation but we felt through careful planning, we could still keep on track with our work schedule.

The customers had a good idea of the type of finish they wanted but had yet to decide on the design of the kitchen, garage doors, interior doors and position of sockets and radiators. We’re happy to say that we were able to help on all fronts. We offered advice, alternative ideas and by using our trade discount we were able to save them money.

As we were nearing the end of the build, the customers asked if we would be able to fit their new kitchen and floor. We were happy to put in the overtime and go the extra mile to ensure the project was finished on time and the customers were completely satsfied with the results.