Project planning is a vital step before work is carried out. It is an opportunity for you to tell us what work you would like doing and an opportunity for us to provide solutions, guidance and advice from our experience. When done properly, it gives a clear roadmap of the project and avoid unnecessary delays and escalating costs.


For larger projects, you will require the services of a professional architect to produce detailed plans of the work to be carried out. It’s completely up to you who you choose to use and we’re more than happy to provide a quote on plans you already have. If you haven’t yet employed the services of an architect, let us know as we’ll be able to provide you details of those we recommend.

When discussing your project with the architect, it is important to explain the reasons for having the work carried out and what you would like from the project. A good architect will have a excellent knowledge of building regulations and be able to offer different solutions and ideas to achieve what you want.

Pricing / Sourcing Materials

We can provide a competitive price for all work based on your requirements including sourcing quality materials. We have close connections with many leading-name suppliers and our trade prices are often much cheaper than what you’d expect to pay on the high street.

Our policy when pricing up jobs is to keep costs as low as possible for the customer without compromising on the standard of the build and quality of the finish. If the work you require costs more than you have available, we are happy to discuss alterantives and advise on the best solution for your budget. Once you are happy with the quote, we will send you with a clear breakdown of costs and payment plan.


When planning any project, it is imperative that the schedule for work to be completed is accurate and realistic. There may be mitigating circumstances where a project can fall behind but with careful planning and foresight, any delays can be kept to a minimum.

Before any work is carried out, we will give you a clear timeline for when certain aspects of the build will be complete. We’ll ensure you are always kept informed of progress and notified immediately about any issues that may arise.

Planning Permission

Not all building work requires planning permission and for smaller projects, you may be allowed to carry out the work under Permitted Development Rights. Where planning permission is required, Alpha Builders will help you through the process and pre-empt any potential concerns the planning office may have.

Building regulations

All building work must comply with building regulations and be approved by your local authority. The regulations ensure that the work carried out meets the necessary standards for structural integrity, fire protection, electrical and gas safety, accessibility, ventialition, drainage and energy efficiency.

Once all building work is complete, the work must be signed off by your local authority. Through many years experience and a wealth of expertise in current building regulations, Alpha will ensure the sign off process is a simple one.